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At Last... Pharmacist Formulates Aromatherapy Products For  Breakthrough Health and Wellness.

Do You Want More Vitality, Energy, And Focus Without Harmful Drugs? If you could sleep better, feel better, and focus more, wouldn’t you have more energy and vitality for your family, your significant other, for the things you love to do? Wouldn’t you celebrate each day with a new vigor? You can have this, and much more, just using your sense of smell. Sounds too good to be true, right? You don't need drugs to make you feel good!

Aroma Rx® specializes in synergistic essential oil blends that integrate, supplement, and/or replace other
health modalities that may not be working to your desired effect. Aroma Rx® offer carries a full line of retail and wholesale single essential oils, AromaKits™, Miron® Blue Violet glass, essential oil books, hydrosols, carrier oils, diffusers, natural perfume oils, and 100% pure synthetic free body care products.

Discover for yourself with this free report and Ezine that will tell you how to use essential oils easily, safely, and effectively. And learn about what Aroma Rx® can do for you! Thank you for your commitment to your health!
We do appreciate it. 

Michele A. Williams, RPh is one of America’s leading experts in aromatic plant medicine who shares her unique blend of natural and pharmaceutical expertise through seminars and products for the past 21+ years. She has taught thousands to reach optimal health for more joy, vitality, and productivity in their lives. Michele is the author of
"Only the Essentials--A Concise Aromatherapy Reference Guide".

-Michele enjoying high altitude lavender in Provence, France, July 2005.

"Discover how aromatic plant medicine is the missing piece to your health puzzle..."

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Michele was recently called up for military duty, but....
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